Mr.Amin Mullani
Mr. Amin Mullani (M.D)

Mr. Amin Mullani Director of Sneh Bandhan Matrimony Pune, Kolhapur.We started matrimony social activity from Last 2 years in all over Maharashtra. Over 48 franchisees and 77 Dealer in Maharashtra and joining many more We understand clients

Although the country is so diverse in its populous and home to many varied ceremonies, some common wedding related functions that you will find in India, spanning the different faiths, are the Engagement, Mehendi function (where the bride and women close to her are adorned with patterns of henna), the Haldi ceremony (where a turmeric paste is put on the bride and groom for beautification and blessings), the Sangeet( a music and dance filled blow-out), the wedding ceremony itself and the reception

Snehbandhan Matrimony is one of the largest and most trusted matrimony sites in Maharashtra. We understand the importance of choosing the right person for marriage, especially in the Maharashtra culture. Our relationship manager believes in providing the most secure best and appropriate matchmaking experience to all the clients by ensuring 100 percent exclusive privacy options, protection of photo features and verification of phone numbers, Email ID, family details and more information.While the all online matrimonial site connects thousands of people directly to each other, Snehbandhan Matrimony also maintains a dedicated, a highly involved relationship manager and offers personalized assistances across the country, for deeper and personal interaction our relationship manager prospects and facilitates a meeting based on mutual interest of brides, grooms, andtheir families.

Maharashtra is rich in many tradition no matters, it's born of a new baby or marriage everywhere rituals and tradition makes the Country dramatic fantasy for the people of the country and also the foreign. Especially in our Maharashtra Marriage it is very important, very serious tradition. Andinvolves lot of emotions and feelings A wedding is not just brings two people each other closed rather than spirit in Maharashtra society. Even, a marriage also brings the both families closer; share a bond of respect and affection. In Maharashtra wedding is filled with so rituals and ceremony for several days. But in this